Scanning Bureau

Document Scanning

Eemediba Limited provide scanning services, data capture and bespoke document management solutions to businesses. Our document scanning services bureau is fully kitted with the state-of-the-art technology document scanners and applications which allow us to produce high quality scan images, provide fast and quick turnaround time. Eemediba Limited offers document scanning services for both business and personal documents from high volume on-going document scanning service to one-off back file document scanning service. We have the facility to scan 500,000 pages/sheets per day. Whether you have project folders, engineering manuals, clients/customers files, Accounts documents, Legal documents, HR documents, Survey Plans or personal documents, we can offer the best possible service with unmatchable image quality and competitive prices. All this is achieved with our FILE AUDIT SUPPORT which includes preliminary assessment of documents, files, filing cabinets and store room sorting, estimating document volume, weeding out the unnecessary paperwork, etc and ensuring a smooth conversion of your paper documents to fully organized electronic files.

It can cost a lot to purchase an in-house large format scanner and manage this process inside the office which is why this particular area of scanning and archived is largely outsourced. There are various elements to be considered in this process. Our scanning bureau’s digital conversion, data capture and processing services offer a cost effective, expert and professional solution to any requirement.

Taking the decision to outsource the entire process to us creates endless benefits which are calculated in terms of a reduction in staffing & IT costs and the better use of people & resources. This in turn allows you to focus on your core business and grow exponentially without hiring additional personnel.

The documents are collected, scanned into specifically designed format by document scanners and returned to the owner; archived and indexed on a CD, onto your network server or your intranet (based on the choice made by the customer).

This clears up the space they previously occupied, enables accessibility to the documents from any location and ensures the documents are backed up safely and free from damage.

We have a wealth of experience in the scanning and document management industry with many high profile projects.