Inforouter Electronic Document Management Solution

NAINUWA Digital Archive System
August 10, 2021
WideTEK® 36ART-600
August 10, 2021
Powerful, scalable, and fast software that helps you organize, store, secure, safely share and manage your enterprise content and documents necessary for the success of your organization.

It is a reliable document management software to help you manage a lot of documents effectively.

Task Automation
Manage limited resources by automatic most difficult tasks associated with version control, imaging, document indexing, electronic forms, document delivery, documents retrieval, searching and finding relevant content, e.t.c

Industry Compliant
Reduce risk and costs associated with e-discovery and a growing number of regulatory compliance and corporate governance processes.

Search and quickly find documents quickly and easily
Integrated full text searching and powerful advanced search features make it simple to locate exactly what you need instantly. Eliminate time wasting in trying to find a document and recreating content that already exists.

Automatic Full-text Indexing
The automatic full-text indexing of documents in a background process will greatly improve your current searching capabilities. Search for documents by supplying content words and Meta information such as author, time and date intervals, document status, keywords, document type, size etc. You will be able to search for and find all popular office formats (MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, PDF, HTML, Text, Visio and many more) by simply typing in a few keywords.

Disaster Recovery
Protects your paper records by creating electronic copies that can be backed up in multiple ways. This can include off-site data backups and other steps that a fire, flood, natural disasters or break-in will not cripple your business.

Audit Trails and Documents Tracking
Maintains an extensive audit trail of all activity. Folder creations, folder deletions, document creations/views/edits/deletes, and much more are all tracked automatically. Audit log to get a complete picture of what has happened in each folder to help you respond to complex questions such as access and security within minutes.

Document Based Workflow
Creates complex workflow scenarios to streamline your business processes. Automate a business process where a generated document will be passed from one user to the other via email notifications and task assignments.

Web Portals
Very effective communication medium for sharing information and conducting business transaction with customers, vendors, and partners using web portals. An unlimited number of web portals can be created to serve multiple audiences. Create as many portals as you wish with no limitations. It supports Portal Personalization.

MS Office Integration
Full integration into MS Office tools. Allow for direct content generation into InfoRouter without any uploads. Allows users to pull content into office tools from InfoRouter.

Notifications and Reporting
InfoRouter has powerful tools to keep you always informed. It offers you:

  • Subscription mechanism that allows users with appropriate permissions to sign up for automatic e-mail alerts and daily reports.
  • Instant email alerts to document and folder subscribers for the following events: New Documents, Views, Changes, Updates, Check Outs, Approvals, Rejections, Comments, Moves, Deletes, Check-Ins.
  • Task notifications for new and overdue tasks.

Low Cost of Ownership
InfoRouter is very reasonably priced using a simple, easy-to-understand pricing model. It is powerful enough to satisfy the needs of our many large clients, yet it remains affordable for small to medium-sized enterprises and allows you to add licenses as you need them.

Inforouter Return on Investment (ROI)
The infoRouter EDMS can easily pay for itself in just months given the increased ability for users to locate the information they need. InfoRouter also saves you money by centralizing and managing a function typically spread over countless applications and systems.

Easy Implementation & Administration
It takes just minutes to install and deployment across your enterprise will be effortless. The minimal administration requirements and instant user acceptance will make InfoRouter an instant success.

Control and Security
The powerful security model restricts access, while the auditing lets you know who viewed and modified what. It gives you:

  • controlled access to documents and folders at unprecedented levels whether remotely or in the office
  • flexible and powerful security tools that can be utilized to safeguard your valuable information
  • management of own environment by individuals or groups folder and documents security
  • control of the types of documents in each folder

Web Enabled: Access and Retrieve Documents, No Matter Where You Are
Provide secure access to critical business documents from anywhere in the world with InfoRouter Document Management Software through a web browser. It is fully web-based and is compatible with standard Web browsers on any platform (Windows, Linux, Mac etc).

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