NAINUWA Digital Archive System

ScanRobot 2.0 MDS
August 10, 2021
Inforouter Electronic Document Management Solution
August 10, 2021
NAINUWA represents a Cutting-Edge-Technology for future digital libraries. This solution will help you give life to your digital treasures, search and browse for digitized contents as never before.

Time Saving
NAINUWA allows you to search for items you need quickly with its capability to search in text and metadata at the same time. You can also use filters for more specific search options. It also helps you gain fast access later by remembering important pages and volumes you have viewed before.

You can access NAINUWA on any device – desktop, tablet or mobile. Various media types and format can also be uploaded to the platform.

Amazing Effect
NAINUWA adopted an approach to make searching fun through its design simplicity that boast innovative search and view options, high speed performance and fast preview of individual preferences.

Time saving search options, easy access and breath taking visualizations are offered.

  • Time saving & comprehensive search options
  • Easy metadata handling & fast image loading
  • Direct preview at any stage of the system
  • Responsive design for different devices
  • Wow-effect for users
  • Open source system components to ensure a reliable and long-term system availability
  • Highly scalable

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