Eemediba offers top notch consultancy services to help your organization go paperless in this digital revolution.
We have dedicated professionals who can help you meet your IT requirements. We can help you with reviewing your documents, recommending the most appropriate scanning technology for your needs and even train and support your staff in your scanning projects. We can also help you with setting up your own onsite scanning bureau.

Scanning Bureau

We have a state-of-the-art document, Scanning Bureau which offers a comprehensive range of digitization services including document scanning, drawing book and plan scanning. No matter the backlog of documents in hard copy form, our Scanning Bureau can scan and electronically archive them for you.

Once scanned and electronically stored on a central repository, the documents are transformed into easily managed electronic documents, accurately index and at the fingertips of one in your organization authorized to print, e-mail, upload to document management solution or simply view the documents. Our equipment can scan documents and images ranging in size from postage stamp up to A0 in size including large format drawings.


Onsite Scanning

Where documents are highly confidential and cannot be removed from the building, we can bring our equipment and staff to you and scan onsite. The archived work can be delivered on CD or DVD depending on customer requirements.

One filing cabinet full of paper fit on one DVD. You can easily take all your filing cabinets with you on your laptop. Whether from home, your car, a hotel or on-site, access to all your files is only a few clicks away.

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